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When a child is seriously hurt at a daycare, there may be mixed feelings of worry, anger, and frustration. Especially once it’s learned that the injury could have been prevented, but not enough precautions were taken. Atlanta child daycare facilities have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for their young ones. When they fail to do so, a daycare can be found liable for their negligence in causing a child’s injuries and owe compensation to the family of the injured child.

If you or someone you love has a child who has suffered an injury while at daycare, have your case evaluated by a skilled Atlanta child daycare injury attorney at The Simon Law Firm. Our initial consultations are free, call (404) 259-7635 to schedule one today.

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Possible Negligence at Daycare Facilities

Parents pay daycare centers with the reasonable expectation that they will provide a safe environment while caring for their children who can’t do it themselves. When injuries happen, many times it can be traced back to simple neglect. Liability may fall on the daycare for a child’s injuries in the following types of scenarios:

  • Slips and falls
  • Playground accidents
  • Physical, verbal, and/or sexual abuse
  • Inadequate access to food or water
  • Choking or ingesting non-food objects
  • Injuries from children fighting
  • Drowning
  • Improper gating or fencing
  • Exposure to chemicals, toxic substances, or sharp objects

These are only a few of the many more instances where a child daycare could be considered negligent in causing injury to a child.

Determining Liability in Child Care Injuries

When evaluating an injury to determine if a daycare facility is liable, there are two main factors to consider:

Cause of the Injury

The cause or how the injury occurred has a large role in determining liability. For example, if an employee was negligent in their supervision of your child, then the daycare center would be liable for the negligence of their employees’ actions. If an employee acting outside the scope of their employment, the daycare facility may have the ability to claim that it was not liable.

Nature of the Injury

Whether or not the injury was foreseeable also is a large factor in liability. The court will look at whether the circumstances surrounding the injury were foreseeable and if a reasonable daycare center should have and could have prevented them. For example, some foreseeable incidents may include falling from playground equipment, unsanitary conditions, or tripping over an object.

Proving Liability in a Child Daycare Injury Claim

In order to hold a daycare center liable for a child’s injury, there are four elements that need to be proven in order to determine liability:

  1. The child care provider had a duty to exercise reasonable care;
  2. The child care provider breached that duty;
  3. If not for the child care provider’s actions (or lack of action), the child’s injury would not have occurred;
  4. And that breach was the sole cause of the child’s injury.

Child care providers are required to provide the duty of reasonable care, when they fail to do so you may be entitled to monetary compensation for damages suffered.

Your Atlanta Child Daycare Injury Lawyer

Our legal team at The Simon Law Firm works closely with families to minimize the stress and strain that a preventable child injury can create. Discuss your case for free today with a skilled Atlanta child daycare injury attorney. Call (404) 259-7635 or fill out our online contact form.

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