Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

Most Firms list their entire case history. We believe you should know what we have been up to lately because what happened 10 years ago is irrelevant. Below is a list of Settlements and Verdicts obtained for clients since 2008 only:

Confidential Seven Figure Policy Limits Settlement for Man Killed in Collision with Tractor Trailer

$1,500,000 for Wrongful Death of Grandmother killed when making a left turn at intersection negligently designed by Department of Transportation such that guardrail blocked lights of oncoming cars.

$1,200,000 for Wrongful Death of a Father killed at Work by a trash truck.

$1,100,000 policy limits for a 65 year old with undiagnosed plasma cancer and kidney failure who sustained a broken arm in a car accident that hospitalized him. Hospitalization resulted in pneumonia which resulted in his death.

Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement for family of Conyers man killed in a two car collision on I-285

$900,000 bad faith settlement with an insurance company on a $25,000 policy where a man was rendered a quadriplegic in a car accident

Doubled available Wrongful Death insurance for family of preschooler killed by a driver with minimum limits by exploiting exception to the Georgia Impact Rule involving State Farm and Geico Insurance.

Successfully litigated for confidential settlement amount of three insurance policies with Allstate, Infinity and Progressive involving the death of a Georgia student at the hands of a DUI illegal immigrant.

$750,000 for a UGA student with facial scars from being hit by a church van while on a bicycle in Athens.

$650,000 for a Dekalb County man hit by a tractor trailer while performing roadway work. He sustained a broken leg and wrist with $120,000 in medical bills. Extensive litigation proved the trucking company had terrible safety training and was lying about maintenance issues. Settled case at mediation despite competing demands for $1,000,000 policy limits with two claimants, each with a surgery

$500,000 bad faith insurance settlement on a $30,000 policy in a wrongful death case.

$395,000 settlement for a Paulding County woman with a spinal stimulator implant following a rear end collision.

$350,000 for a pedestrian with rotator cuff surgery and meniscal surgery to the knee involving Cotton State Insurance.

$350,000 settlement with State Farm insurance involving a veterinarian with two broken lower leg bones and $65,000 in medical bills. 

$285,000 settlement for an 80 year old woman who tripped over a doorstop at a chain restaurant because the rubber guard had worn away over the years making the stop invisible. She sustained a fractured hip with surgery.

$275,000 for a young man shot by a criminal on the premises of an Atlanta apartment complex which refused to provide security despite numerous prior crimes.

$275,000 policy limits for a man who sustained a femur fracture with a intramedullary rod, a broken wrist an mild eyelid scarring involving Farm Bureau insurance.

$237,000 verdict for a women in Gwinnett County with a broken arm and surgery. She was a young African American female facing an all white jury and was impeached with Twitter. Verdict reduced by apportionment to driver of client's vehicle but later recovered another $50,000 on that claim.

$225,000 for a Roswell man for a dissected carotid artery injury where Allstate vigourously contested medical causation for the injury.

$225.000 policy limits for a New York dentist against State Farm and a cab driver for a compound femur fracture with intramedullary rodding.

$200,000 policy limits for a woman with a pelvic fracture and successfully negotiated with the Federal Government on her health care reimbursement liens to maximize client recovery.

$180,000 policy limits for a DUI fatality case with litigation ongoing regarding Dramshop claims and excess liability insurance coverage.

$160,000 litigated settlement against a bar in a Dramshop case for the actions of a bar in over-serving a drunk driver who injured a Conyers family.

$150,000 policy limits for a college student with a compound femur fracture.

$150,000 settlement for a man hit in the eye by golfer with optic nerve damage.

$145,000 for a woman who sustained a concussion and low back strain with $31,000 in medical bills.

$145,000 for a man struck on I-400 by a drunk driver where he sustained soft tissue injuries with epidural injections involving State Farm insurance.

$140,000 of $150,000 in policy limits for a 24 year old with a pre-existing C4-5 disc herniation with two prior collisions with injury where the instant injury finally resulted in surgery.

$135,000 in tortfeasor and Uninsured Motorist Coverage for a 28 year old with a non-displaced hip fracture with minimal follow up care involving Geico and Cotton States insurance.

$131,000 net verdict after a 25% apportionment by a Fulton County jury in a disputed liability case with two defendants and neck and back care for two plaintiffs. 

$130,000 for a case with emergency room care at North Fulton Regional plus 2 months of physical therapy. The at fault driver was DUI and insured by Liberty Mutual.

$125,000 for cervical discectomy from a car accident with a good recovery for a school teacher in Rockdale County venue.

$125,000 for a man attacked by a dog while riding his bike involving Travelers insurance.

$125,000 policy limits for a motorcycle rider in Cobb County hit by a driver with tendon surgery on his hand. Driver denied liability and we were able to prove with dashcam recordings that there were other witnesses and that defendant had changed her story.

$116,000 for a Kennesaw man with a sternal fracture that resulted in atrophied muscles and required two months of in house rehabilitative care involving Progressive insurance.

$115,000 for an elderly Marietta Georgia couple with a nonsurgical leg fracture and hematomas.

$115,000 for an Alpharetta man in a low impact rear-end car accident with a microdiscectomy involving USAA insurance.

$110,000 verdict in Cobb County for a motorcylist with a leg fracture who made an excellent recovery with no permanency. 

$100,000 settlement for a North Carolina man against Swift Trucking from a collision on I-85 where he was ticketed in the collision and we proved the tractor trailer driver was lying through depositions and he sustained $14,000 in medical bills and a broken collar bone.

$100,000 policy limits settlement for a motorcycle rider hit by a car with a hairline fracture to ankle and a lumbar discectomy. The challenge was the 5 month gap in treatment on the lumbar pain.

$100,000 policy limits from Liberty Mutual and $25,000 in uninsured motorist policy limits for a man from Villa Rica Georgia with a cervical surgery despite there being only $500.00 in property damage to the rear of his vehicle. He was a good witness and the medical evidence was persuasive.

$100,000 policy limits from Progressive for a Roswell mother who had a T-bone collision where Progressive denied that the crash caused the C5-C6 Disc Herniation until after the treating surgeon was deposed.

$100,000 policy limits for Athens family when rear-end collision resulted in surgery involving Allstate insurance.

$100,000 policy limits for a man with a wrist fracture in a Georgia car accident

$100,000 policy limits for the victim of a rear end collision who sustained a concussion with lingering post-concussive syndrome that lasted more than two years involving State Farm insurance.

$100,0000 policy limits from Progressive Insurance as Uninsured Motorist carrier when a teenager sustained a broken leg after being hit by a hit and run driver. The focus of the case was insuring that the money would go to the victim rather than as reimbursement to the health insurer.

$100,000 policy limits from GA Farm Bureau for a client with a cervical fusion. The challenging part of the case was dealing with the client's two prior collisions and their injury consequences.

$87,000.00 for a 72 year old trucker who tripped and fell at a truck stop and had rotator cuff surgery. 

$80,0000 for a pizza delivery driver rear ended by a Stephens County Deputy Sheriff with epidural injections and physical therapy.

$75,000 for a hairline compression fracture from a crash on I-85 with $16,000.00 in medical bills involving Liberty Mutual insurance.

$75,000 from State Farm for a non-displaced foot fracture with hematoma.

$75,000 policy limits for a computer programmer from Alpharetta with a non-displaced fracture of the ulna.  

$70,000 of $75,000 in policy limits for a former Liberty Mutual adjuster for a shoulder separation with arthroscopic surgery.

$70,000 for a woman in Toccoa, Georgia who was rear ended by a police deputy.

$61,500.00 for a Memphis woman injured in Marietta crash with a year of orthopedic medical care despite significant pre-existing medical history. We were able to prove the new injuries were far more severe. 

$57,000 for a 23 year old from Jonesboro Georgia from USAA insurance in litigation for collapsed lung with $24,000 in medical bills and little follow up past the ER.

$55,000.00 for a young woman who sustained minor internal bleeding with one follow up visit after a Cobb County car accident. 

$55,000 from Geico in a disputed liability case involving a motorcycle rider who laid his bike down to avoid striking the defendants car. Case settled after multiple depositions and despite the client being proven incorrect about the location of the vehicles.

$50,000 for a slip and fall victim in Popeye's Chicken 

$50,000 policy limits for a 24 year old woman with a post concussion diagnosis and $17,000 in medicals despite only a small dent in the rear of the car.

$50,000 policy limits for Clayton County family for a fractured finger from a car accident involving USAA insurance.

$50,000 for a woman with a neck injury when the ceiling on an American Airlines plane suddenly fell onto her head while the flight sat on the tarmac in Mexico City.

$50,000 policy limits for a Roswell man with a back sprain and orthopedic care from a rear end car collision.

$50,000 policy limits from USAA insurance for a soldier in the 101st Airborne who sustained a disc herniation.

$50,000 for a pedestrian with $21,000 in bills but where pedestrian received the ticket and with bad liability facts.

$48,000 for a woman with back and neck sprains and epidural injections involving Allstate insurance.

$47,000 for a woman rear ended by a tractor trailer with $8,500 in medical bills.

$45,000 for a woman rear ended by a semi truck with emergency room care only.

$45,000 for a man with cracked ribs from a passenger car collision.

$42,000 settlement from Carolina Casualty Insurance for a man rear ended by a tractor trailer with no visible damage to his vehicle and the injury was a difficult to prove concussion.

$41,500 for an Athens, GA college student who fell off the roof of a fraternity party sustaining fractures. There were challenges related to our client's comparative negligence.

$37,500 for a woman in a low speed impact who had to deliver her healthy baby 6 weeks early

$36,500 for a woman who collided with a tractor trailer and had Emergency room care only.

$35,000 for a woman rear-ended by a semi truck who had two follow up visits with an orthopedist for should pain after her emergency room care.

$34,000 for a woman in Conyers with a mild compression fracture to her spine.

$30,000 for a man from Valdosta with a hairline sternal fracture after a police car negligently ran into him at high speed.

$30,000 for a Buckhead woman who was rear ended but had no police report and little property damage despite legitimate orthopedic care.

$25,000 policy limits from Allstate as Uninsured Motorist carrier when a client on a bicycle was struck by a hit and run driver and sustained a non-displaced pelvic fracture. Allstate denied the claim initially because the police did not write up a report. The John Doe statute requires reporting a hit and run to police, but does not require a report. After 3 depositions, Allstate finally saw the light and paid the limits.

$25,000 in policy limits for a man with torn ligaments in his hand.
Current Cases

Representing a little girl run over by a power boat on Lake Lanier in 2011, sustaining skull fractures and brain damage.

Representing the family of a deceased Georgia student against a bar in Duluth that served two different drunk drivers while they were visibly intoxicated and where they both later caused the crash that killed the client.

Representing family of a killed by a tractor trailer in Bakersfield California where the truck driver did not stop for 1/2 hour despite his headlights being out

Representing the family of an Atlanta man killed on his motorcycle when a tractor trailer operated by RL Carriers made an illegal left turn blocking all lanes in the warehouse district in Atlanta

Representing the family of a man who was killed by a tractor trailer driver for Prime Trucking where the truck driver was driving at night on the interstate below the minimum speed limit.

Representing a young man shot twice an an apartment complex is Atlanta where the apartment allowed a large party in the parking lot with DJs and did not provide any security despite multiple prior shooting incidents. 

Client Reviews
My wife and I were hit by a tractor trailer in 2014. After extensive research online, we were deeply impressed with the various reviews we read on Google and Avvo and chose Chris to represent us. We could not have a made a better decision. Chris and his firm treated us like we were their only clients, soothed our worries, and instantly gained our trust. Chris settled both of our cases for more than we expected. James
A co-worker of my wife recommended Chris to us. At the very beginning Chris showed that he cared and his knowledge is priceless. Going through this process can be aggravating but Chris did a great job guiding me through this and was always available to answer my questions. Chris fought to get what I deserved even though at times I wanted to give up. Tracy
I want to express my deepest sense of gratitude and appreciation to Attorney Chris Simon & Attorney Chris Carsten, for all the hard work that they put forth into my case (car accident filed after being hit by drunk driver). Their attention to detail and professionalism far surpasses their firm's reputation. Because of their diligence and dedication to their craft, they were able to bring my case to a successful close, one that I could live with. You will not find a better team for your case. Should I have a need for their services again in the future, or know of anyone looking for a top notch Auto Accident Law Firm, I would not hesitate to recommend them!!!! Elle
Wow...Chris is a very good attorney. Me and my son was in a very bad car accident an I was clueless on how to handle the situation. It's very hard to find an attorney who allows you to contact them personally instead of you contacting their asst. I was told that I didn't have a case because the hosiptal put a lien on my acct. Chris prove different and I was able to file my case with the insurance company. The process was very quickly and Im glad I selected the right attorney..Thanks Chris A Car Accident client
Chris is a great lawyer and the most people friendly attorney I have ever delt with. He handled my case with great attention to detail and did so in a very short period of time. He is very consice, efficient, patient and understanding. He has a strong passion for what he does and he does it well. I recommend Chris Simon as legal representation for anyone who has suffreed damages or a loss at the negligence of others. He really cares about you and your case. A Car Accident client