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$9 Mil.
for two clients badly hurt in a tractor trailer accident
$5.7 Mil.
for a client badly injured in a tractor trailer accident
$1.4 Mil.
for a pedestrian client with a serious foot injury
$1.5 Mil.
for two clients involved in a passenger vehicle wreck
$1.2 Mil.
for a wrongful death case where the policy was only $1,000,000.
$1.5 Mil.
for a serious injury case
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$9 Mil.
for two clients badly hurt in a tractor trailer accident
$5.7 Mil.
for a client badly injured in a tractor trailer accident
$1.4 Mil.
for a pedestrian client with a serious foot injury
$1.5 Mil.
for two clients involved in a passenger vehicle wreck
$1.2 Mil.
for a wrongful death case where the policy was only $1,000,000.
$1.5 Mil.
for a serious injury case
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About the firm

Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

The Simon Law Firm is an Atlanta-based firm that helps people who are seriously
injured by the negligence of others, assisting them in navigating their long
and difficult road to recovery.

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Our Philosophy

At The Simon Law Firm, our Atlanta accident lawyers fight alongside our clients to obtain the compensation they deserve. By combining both extensive courtroom experience and a compassionate mindset, our lawyers have successfully handled thousands of significant cases involving car crashes, truck accidents and wrongful death in Atlanta. We are committed to providing representation and support that is, first and foremost, respectful to your needs. As experienced accident lawyers, we practice this by:

  • Being upfront about your case results so that you can properly manage your expectations.
  • Providing outstanding customer service so you know what is happening with your case and why.
  • Working swiftly and in a timely manner, as we understand you may have an urgent need for compensation.
  • Advising you, the client, of a realistic value of the car accident case and a timeline for when that value can be achieved.
  • Using all of our legal experience to shut down any negligent or otherwise exploitative practices by insurance companies to discount your claim.
  • Getting you a just verdict or settlement without resorting to underhanded business practices in claims handling.

As a driver in Atlanta, your odds of getting into an accident are relatively high. Atlanta is home to millions of drivers that use the streets daily – many of which are distracted, drowsy, negligent and reckless. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 1,554 victims lost their lives in traffic crashes in Georgia in 2016 alone. If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one in a car crash in the past two years, speak with a renowned attorney at The Law Firm of Christopher Simon to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss the possibility of pursuing financial compensation through an insurance claim and/or a lawsuit on your behalf after a negligence-related accident in Atlanta. Call (404) 259-7635 today.

Why Choose Us?

  • We dedicate our attention, personnel and resources strictly to auto accident law.
  • We are honest, upfront and straightforward in our assessments of claims.
  • We bring over 34 years of combined trial experience to each case we accept.
  • We have obtained outstanding results during past car accident claims in Atlanta.
  • We only earn attorney’s fees if we successfully settle or win your case at trial.
We believe in fighting for your right to compensation
with experience, passion, and integrity.

How much does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer in Atlanta?

Our highly skilled accident attorneys in Atlanta work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no up-front costs when hiring us to represent you. We will only charge a percentage of the total recovery you receive once we have successfully resolved your claim.

We have an excellent track record of success in achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. When we agree to take on a case, it is due to the fact that we believe the injured party will benefit from hiring a legal advocate. Simply put, we believe you will win. We will also make every effort towards efficiently and effectively concluding all car accident cases in a timely manner.

Do I Need an Accident Lawyer?

A car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA will have the answers to your most pressing questions after an injurious accident. Your lawyer will hear your story, respond to your concerns and counsel you as to what to do next. You can trust everything your lawyer says to be in your best interests. Rather than working for an insurance company, your lawyer will work for you and you alone. An attorney from our firm can navigate your accident case without a cent down or any money unless we win. We can help you go up against insurance claims adjusters at no financial risk.

What Could I Be Compensated For?

If your lawyer succeeds in obtaining an insurance settlement or jury verdict in your favor, you and your family could receive the compensation you need to move forward after a serious collision in Atlanta. Your compensation award could include amounts to cover a range of economic and noneconomic losses.

  • Health care bills
  • Income losses
  • Lost capacity to earn in the future
  • Lost quality of life
  • Long-term disabilities
  • Legal expenses
  • Pain and suffering

The party that caused your car crash, whether it is another driver or the City of Atlanta, may lawfully owe you an award to reimburse all your crash-related damages. Your attorney may be able to argue for a higher award on your behalf using an aggressive, tailored legal strategy. A lawyer from our firm could even take your accident case to court if necessary to obtain fair recovery.

We are here to give you the legal advocacy you deserve.

An insurance company will often attempt to settle a claim quickly and for an amount that is far less than what your case is worth. Understand your rights before speaking with an insurer, by speaking to an Atlanta car accident attorney first. When you choose to work with our auto accident lawyers, you will never have to speak to an insurance agent again. We will take care of every complexity involved in your case, so that you may focus on recovering. Call (404) 259-7635 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for an Accident?

The statute of limitations, or deadline for filing, a car collision lawsuit in Georgia is generally two years from the date of the crash. If you are trying to file for wrongful death, you have two years from the date of death. Contact a lawyer quickly so you do not risk missing your statute of limitations. We will do everything in our power to bring your claim efficiently for the best odds of success.

Is Georgia an At-Fault State?

After a vehicle collision in any state, involved parties must navigate that state’s insurance system in the pursuit of monetary damages. Thirty-eight states in the U.S., including Georgia, operate under fault insurance laws. As an at-fault state, Georgia requires accident victims to seek damage recovery from the at-fault party’s insurance provider. If the at-fault party flees the scene or does not have insurance, only then may the not-at-fault party file a claim with his or her own insurance company. In a fault state, crash victims will typically retain the right to file an  injury related lawsuits against the party responsible for causing the accident.

what our clients say
Chris Simon and his team handled my accident case, and were fantastic to work with. Chris personally came out to meet me and spent a half hour discussing my case before I even signed with his firm. Chris and his assistants, Alicia and Laynie, were professional, courteous and efficient, and responded quickly (and patiently) to my every question and concern. My case was resolved fairly and with minimal stress on my end, the importance of which cannot be overstated, especially when dealing with the pain and frustration of a car accident. I highly recommend the Simon law firm.
I originally contacted the Simon Law firm based on the great reviews I read when searching for a lawyer to handle my case after a car accident. Let me just say that I am happy I found this firm and can attest to the fact that my experience with both Tyler and Laynie have been nothing short than amazing.
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Protecting the legal rights of victims and their families

The costs of dealing with a serious injury can be enormous from a financial, emotional, and physical standpoint. Helping collision victims overcome such a distressing time in their lives and get back on track is vitally important to our firm.

Increasing medical bills, lost income due to time away from work, pain and suffering, and other types of damages can make your situation considerably more overwhelming. Our accident lawyers understand your situation, and the stresses and frustrations of trying to get back to life before your accident.

At The Simon Law Firm, our Atlanta accident lawyers are committed to providing you as much support and legal counsel is necessary to help you get back to full recovery – and the life you had.

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