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Atlanta slip and fall lawyerA serious slip and fall accident could cause life-changing injuries such as bone fractures, spinal cord injuries traumatic head injuries. At The Law Firm of Christopher Simon, we help victims of slip and fall accidents in Georgia fight for their rights. One or more parties could owe you compensation. We offer free, zero-obligation initial consultations so you can learn more about a potential premises liability lawsuit at no risk. Call a renowned Atlanta slip and fall attorney to set up your case immediately (404) 259-7635 today.

Why Hire Christopher Simon?

  • Our Atlanta accident law firm has a 4.9 overall rating on Google and dozens of positive client testimonials for our hard work, commitment and results.
  • Our premises liability lawyers in Atlanta have years of experience, along with national recognition and a long history of winning cases on behalf of our clients.
  • Our slip and fall injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we will only charge attorney’s fees if and when we win your case.
  • Not only do we cover slip and fall accidents but are excellent Atlanta auto accident attorneys representing clients in many areas of personal injury.

Who Is Responsible for My Injury?

A property owner will be legally responsible for most visitor injuries in Atlanta slip and fall accident claims. Property owners have a legal duty of care to reasonably prevent slip, trip and fall accidents. Any breach of this duty, resulting in a preventable accident and serious injuries, could make the property owner financially responsible for damages. Atlanta brain injury and back injury victims who suffered a slip and fall can bring all responsible parties to justice with the help of an Atlanta premises liability attorney.

Do I Have a Valid Injury Claim?

To bring a successful injury claim against a property owner in Atlanta, you or your lawyer will need to prove four main elements. The first is the duty of care. You must have had the lawful right to be on the property at the time of your accident. This will impose certain duties of care on the property owner. Second, the property owner must have breached this duty of care through some type of negligence.

Third, the owner’s breach of duty must have been the proximate cause of your slip and fall accident; you would not have suffered your injuries were it not for the defendant’s breach of duty of care. Finally, you must have suffered specific damages in the slip and fall accident. These may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, or legal fees. A lawyer from The Simon Law Firm can help you determine whether you have a claim.

Where Can Slips, Trips and Falls Happen?

You could suffer a severe slip and fall injury anywhere, from your home to a cruise ship. Any location with unreasonably dangerous floor surfaces, inadequate lighting or hazardous obstacles could become the setting of a serious slip, trip or fall accident in Atlanta. At The Simon Law Firm, however, we have represented enough accident victims to know that most slip and fall accidents occur in certain places.

  • Parking lots
  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Swimming pools or spas
  • Construction sites
  • Amusement parks
  • Workplaces

Regardless of where you suffered a slip and fall in Atlanta, our attorneys may be able to help you bring a premises liability claim. We can revisit the scene of your accident, gather evidence such as closed-circuit TV footage, obtain copies of accident reports, investigate a small business and take other steps to help you build a case.

What If I Was Attacked On a Property?

Slip and fall accidents are not the only grounds on which you may bring a claim against a property owner in Atlanta. Landowners owe many duties of care to guests, including the duty reasonably prevent crime. If someone attacked you while on another person’s property, you could have an injury claim against the owner. Property owners must take reasonable steps to defend guests against the known risk of crime, such as installing floodlights or surveillance cameras. Failure to meet this standard of care, resulting in an attack, is negligence.

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To find out if you have a case against a property owner in Atlanta, consult with the lawyers at The Simon Law Firm soon after the accident. We will ask questions about your slip and fall, listen to your story and provide counsel for what we believe you should do next. Call today for your free consultation.

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